“Why work doesn’t happen at work”

A fifteen minutes TED talk by Jason Fried, co-founder of 37signals, explaining why productivity isn’t happening in the traditional workplace anymore.


Design Barcodes

Barcodes don’t have to be boring.

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Sony 0penSource 2011 Pictures

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The 0penSource team would like to say thanks to everyone who helped make our event possible.


Masters in Entrepreneurship

Building 0penSource has been a real eye opener. A little background information on me. My name is Rechung and I’m born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. I recently graduated from college with a major in International Trade and Finance, but I put the majority of my effort while in college into my work in the Hogan Entrepreneur program.

Something about building my own business has been very appealing to me for some time now. I think I can trace it back to selling mixtapes in high school and then being given the book Rich Dad Poor Dad shortly after I graduated high school. That book caused a paradigm shift in my way of thinking about the world and about money specifically.

After graduating from college I spent the summer on an internship at a company called eARTS in Shanghai. It was good to study the arts after being so focused on business during college. When I came back from China my friend Tony and I had lunch where he laid out a plan and told me, “you’re part of my team, you don’t know it yet but you’re part of my team.” The idea is what evolved into 0penSource.

While many of my classmates, who graduated around the same time as I, have went back to school for their MBAs. I’m going to school too, but in my school I create the curriculum, and “theory” my teachers are my customers and I hope I get an A.

This is my masters in Entrepreneurship.



Pods and Capsules

Continuing on the topic of pods..

When I first heard the words “sleeping pods,” the capsule hotels in Japan came to mind.  More specifically, this one came to mind:

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Napping Potential

Here’s Why Sleeping on the Job Can Be a Good Thing!

When you work long hours, it makes perfect sense to take a midday nap in the time when you’re not working to full potential.  A Siesta can help you get refreshed to start the second half of your day.

I came from Taiwan, where we had mandatory nap time in school (up to high school) and nap rooms in offices.  I was super excited when the idea was brought up to incorporate sleep in the workplace.

These sleeping pods are perfect, that is, if we can afford them.

But here are some other more affordable ideas to create napping areas for our hardworking coworkers:

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Business Cards

Since we’re in the process of making 0pen Source business cards, here are some really fun ones to add to our inspiration well.


Notice the thinking/talking bubble above the head.


with built-in glasses

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