Here’s Why Sleeping on the Job Can Be a Good Thing!

When you work long hours, it makes perfect sense to take a midday nap in the time when you’re not working to full potential.  A Siesta can help you get refreshed to start the second half of your day.

I came from Taiwan, where we had mandatory nap time in school (up to high school) and nap rooms in offices.  I was super excited when the idea was brought up to incorporate sleep in the workplace.

These sleeping pods are perfect, that is, if we can afford them.

But here are some other more affordable ideas to create napping areas for our hardworking coworkers:

an all-in-one work station that could be closed off for more privacy with curtains/sliding screens

a gigantic hammock for share. although not very private, it could double as a creative space.

what would you call this suspended cushiony swing?

moody nest by Hanna Emelie Ernsting

a lounge sofa bed with blanket

. . . . . . .