New York, New Years

Happy New Years - Kailua, Hawaii

Moving into 2011 I have been thinking about where we are and where we are headed.  It’s funny just a few months ago this all started with a conversation with Tony and I over cheap Thai (and delicious) food.  The concept went from the idea of a red carpet club for entrepreneurs to checking out cowork spaces in LA and New York last month.  Now it feels as if 0penSource is more then an idea but physical space that has yet to be manifested.

I want to thank Marcus for his comment that the blog should reflect the name as it should.  We will be working hard to make sure that the members of this small community get to put in their say into the process of building the space.

I also want to thank Tony Bacigalupo at New Work City for the time he spent with us on our trip.  Very intelligent very humble guy.  I also want to thank Jerome Chang at BLANKSPACES for his time as well.  We were able to stop by on our short layover in LA.  On our way out we had the chance to check out Marissa Feinberg at Green Spaces who also generously shared her insights about coworking with the team.

We’re back and its a new year.  Our three priorities in January will be:

Building a community

Pulling together funding for the space

Finding a location

Happy New Years,



Beyond free wi-fi.

It’s now officially the latter half of November, and earlier in the week we just cranked out the first rough draft of the 0penSource business plan (mahalo to everyone who is helping us revise and clarify!).  Ideas have been percolating for a good three months plus, and now we’re officially moving into buttoning things down.  It feels good to work out our ideas on paper and see everything coming together into a cohesive vision.

Speaking of vision… this has been our top priority from day one.  We’ve spent most of our time thus far thinking about and refining the philosophy and values that will dictate our space.

Our mission is simply “to work the way you live, and live the way you work.”  This mission is informed by several ideas, including the concept of Sharism (with a nice essay by Issac Mao), Steve Johnson’s “liquid networks,” and the expanding possibilities behind tech-enabled collaboration.

Subscribing to the Coworking Google Group has also provided us with a wealth of insight, and that includes a recent post by Susan Evans at Office Nomads in Seattle.  I was struck by the reminder that in cultivating a coworkspace our main focus should be on creating culture and value, and to let the amenities be what they are… amenities.  Free wi-fi won’t be the driving reason behind  why we people want to come to 0penSource.  It will be because of what Evans points out: that we fully understand that both your work life and your personal life will be significantly enhanced by coworking.

We will provide the space and set the tone, and the community will take it from there.

And oh yeah, we’ll have free wi-fi too.


. . . . . . .


Road trip

A few of our members are going to New York to visit a few coworkspaces to learn and exchange ideas. I took the liberty of looking up the directions on how to get there

1. Go to Google maps. 2. Go to “Get Directions.” 3. Type Oahu as the start location. 4. Type New York as the end location. 5. Pay close attention to step #10

Have fun guys


GSD mode.

Here we are, the 0penSource crew (minus Tony, who is taking the picture) getting together to GSD.

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The Top Myths About Entrepreneurs

Here’s a cool graphic/article on the top myths surrounding entrepreneurs/entrepreneurship (courtesy of Grasshopper Group):

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Map of Downtown w/Bishop Street Commercial

We went down to Bishop Street Commercial to talk to Matt Bittick about locations for Open Source.  While explaining the strike zone downtown he drew this map…  Thanks Matt

Building a community.

We’ve all been thinking a lot lately about how to find, build, and nourish the entrepreneurs that will eventually become the community for 0pen Source.  Alex Hillman, co-founder of IndyHall (a coworkspace in Philadelphia), wrote an article in 2008 about the inspiring politician Harvey Milk and his ability to build a community and gain momentum.

Alex’s article can be found here.

This is the biggest task we face in getting 0pen Source off the ground and running once we open our doors.  Afterall, that is what the coworkspace is all about: community.

Without it, we fail.  With it, we change lives.

. . . . . .